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London Muffin’s Custard Bread (Japanese Cream Pans)

One of the many tasks that I have set for myself is to try and recreate my favourite foods. London Muffin is a tiny Korean bakery in Koregaon Park, Pune which serves the most incredibly soft bread. Here I discovered a heavenly combination of two of my most favourite foods: custard and white bread.

London Muffin’s Custard Bread is like a soft flat dinner roll which has been folded in half and trapped a generous helping of subtle, milky custard. I wondered if the bread was baked with custard or did they pull out the bread mid-way to fold it up with some custard. So after a few Google searches I came across the recipe for Japanese Cream Pans and I hope the Monthy-Python-esque comedy of a Korean bakery named London Muffin making incredible Japanese Cream Pans is not lost on you. Continue reading